10 year warranty on all PVCu window and doors against leaking, discoloration and warping.

12 year warranty on Palladio Composite Doors against leaking, discoloration and warping.

10 year warranty on conservatory and sunroom roofing against leaking, discoloration and warping.

10 year warranty on all double and triple glazed units against seal failure, resulting in condensation between the glass panes.

5 year warranty on coloured PVCu door panels against discoloration and warping & 10 year warranty on white PVCu door panels

2 year warranty on all moving parts, including locks, hinges, handles and balances.

These moving parts must be serviced annually. See our ‘Door & Window Maintenance’ guide. 
A call out fee will be charged for all service calls after 2 years from date of invoice have lapsed.


Normal wear and tear, inappropriate treatment, changes or encroachments by third parties will not be covered under warranty.                                                                                                                                        

Minor imperfections or scratches on glass units or frames that are not visible from a distance of two metres in normal lighting conditions are not covered by warranty.                                                    

Broken glass units are not covered under warranty.                                                                         

Discoloration of windows and doors that has been caused by outside factors (e.g. smoke) will not be covered under warranty.

Our liability is limited in every case to replacing the faulty part or repairing the faulty product. Beyond that the purchaser has no further claim especially for depreciation or compensation.